2nd Genius Hour Post

After viewing some of my peers opinions on if technology improves learning, I can say we all have the same opinion concerning technology if it doesn’t work. By doesn’t work, I mean what if the wireless in class in down? Then the teacher will have to find an alternative activity to do that may not involve the use of technology. Another point that one of my peers mentioned about the problems concerning the use of technology in class was students getting distracted easily. Especially if you are dealing with laptops. Students are able to open different tabs during an activity and may not give their full attention to the instructor.

Besides the negative side concerning the use of technology in classrooms, my peers also provided some of the same viewpoints as me pertaining to the positive side of technology use in the classroom. They made certain points on how technology has helped student’s creativity levels grow more. They allow students to be more hands on interactive. Technology can also conform to the way certain students learn.

Twitter has been quite helpful. I’ve been able to follow pages like GA Dept for Education. I was able to see how Georgia Department for Education is using technology outside the classroom to get parents involved in their children’s education. Parents can now sign up to receive tips, facts and resources for their 4 & 5 year-olds for Pre-K & Kindergarten. I also followed GA Virtual Learning. Georgia Virtual Learning is a virtual public school that offers school classes that are accredited by the NCAA.



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