3rd Genius Hour

I’ve decided to narrow down my research to the use of SMART boards in the classroom. By doing this, it changes my main question to, “Does the use of SMART Boards in the classroom lead to smarter students?” The reason why I decided to narrow down my research was because my previous question was just too broad and there were so many topics I could have hit so I settled on one. After finally choosing a path to go down for this project, I then researched, “the use of SMART boards in the classroom.”

Much to my surprise, I was able to find a plethora of resources to use. For an example, I found a website (http://education.cu-portland.edu/blog/tech-ed/five-ways-that-smart-boards-are-a-smart-choice-in-the-classroom/) that was dedicated to establishing five ways to use SMART Boards in the classroom. This website was helpful to my research because the website is for online degree programs offered from Concordia University in Nebraska, Oregon and New York. It gave me a look into the use of SMART Boards in a college settings. Another website I found useful was (http://www.pbs.org/wnet/need-to-know/video/do-smart-boards-make-for-smart-students/5743/) entitled, “Do SMART Boards make for smart students?” I found this website extremely helpful because it came from PBS (reliable resource) and it also discussed how costly it could be for schools to invest in a SMART Board.

Another website I found helpful was an article posted by ABC News (http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=4278772&page=1) on how, “SmartBoard Changes Classrom(s).” This source was very reliable and accredited given that it came from ABC News. This article describes the benefits of the use of SMART Boards in the classrooms such as helping to develop visual learners. The other 2 resources I found were helpful as well. Since I was looking into the advantages of the use of SMART Boards in the classrooms, I decided to take a look at the disadvantages of the use of them in the classrooms. Check out these websites: https://larrycuban.wordpress.com/2010/03/20/we-dont-need-smart-boards-we-need-smart-people-jerry-brodkey/ & http://www.brighthubeducation.com/teaching-elementary-school/68395-using-smartboards-when-students-have-visual-needs-or-impairments/