Genius Hour Post 6

During the course of this project, I have learned many things pertaining to my question of, “Does the use of SMARTBoard technology lead to smarter students.” After doing interviews and research, I came to the conclusion that SMARTBoards are useful but when broken, it could be a major disaster. As said by a teacher I interviewed, “As an educator, I see SMARTboards as both a hindrance and a tool for student learning. When the technology works, it is fantastic for increasing student engagement and keeping students responsible for their learning, if you use the right methods. However, the technology is flawed and when it is not calibrated, it can be a nightmare. A perfectly planned lesson can go awry when SMARTboard technology malfunctions. The tools are too finicky for an educator to fully rely on SMARTboards for student learning, so the work for an educator (and a student) doubles.”

After I interviewed my tutor, I completely understood where she was coming from. In high school, and even in college at times, the use of a SMARTBoard would slow down the lesson plan due to it not working or the professor/teacher misusing it. While it can be a pain for teachers and students, when it works, the technology is great and useful. Especially for younger kids who want to get hands on with technology. They can draw on the board to explain an answer forcing students to be more involved and hands on.

I would present this information in a PowerPoint while also providing screenshots of my blog. The hardest thing about presenting this information to a class I think would be deciding is I for it or against it. My research has led me to be neutral since it could be a good thing but when broken, it is useless. Other than that, I believe my research can back up all of my stances on these questions. I enjoyed this project because it taught me how to view learning not just from a students perspective but also from a teachers perspective.


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